‘Dissertation on ‘Patina’, the title of the AW14 collection from Visvim, takes its name from designer Hiroki Nakamura’s relationship with the concept of Patina itself and the ways in which he has sought to explore it through his own work, seeking to create objects that age well over time.

From the beauty of oxidised metal on a vintage motorbike left to fallow, to the characteristic ageing on a product that has been used, re-used, loved and lavished with care throughout a long lifespan, the way in which Nakamura concerns himself only with the most worthwhile notions of patina has given birth to a fascinating new collection touching on classic Visvim designs and debuting brand new silhouettes.

Separating ‘Patina’ from it’s passive connotations, this AW14 collection is designed to inspire you to wear in an item with love and care, creating beauty through a patina that has been achieved with purpose, through the action of the wearer.

Translating the level of care and attention throughout every single aspect of the collection, Nakamura designs each piece not just from the pattern up, or even from the fabric up, but from the yarn itself, striving to deliver the best product possible, one that reveals the hard work put into it over time.

A collection that shows just why this visionary Japanese designer has cemented his brand at the top of the game, the AW14 collection from Visvim is online now at EndClothing.co.uk.


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