Acupuncture pressure jewelry pieces like necklaces or rings have been used to curb symptoms like nausea, abdominal discomfort, and breathing issues. But, before we take a look at what acupressure jewelry is, let’s learn more about acupuncture.

Acupressure has and still is a part of traditional Chinese medicine that promotes self-healing of the body by using direct pressure on the acupuncture points and meridians improving organ and structural function throughout the body. A healthy body that is in balance allows energy to flow freely. Any form of blockage of energy causes signs and symptoms like pain, illness and immobility. Acupuncture treatment uses needles that are inserted along points and meridians and in targeted locations opening up the flow of energy. Through acupressure you can unblock energy (Chi), allowing it to flow throughout the body, healing it and alleviating symptoms like nausea and pain.

Acupressure Jewelry

Chinese medicine practices have been used for thousands of years to treat various ailments in the body. They have shown a positive effect on different parts like the nervous system and improved the functioning of the cardiovascular, immune, endocrine and digestive systems.

With different points and meridians running throughout the body, applying pressure using worn jewelry or via acupuncture where a needle is inserted along any of those locations, helps improve your system.

Acupressure jewelry and their significance on health

Rings, necklaces and bracelets are common jewelry that falls under acupuncture jewelry. Wrists are full of small joints, nerve endings, tendons and meridians that help move energy. Beautiful jewelry pieces like bracelets not only enhance your look and beauty making you look like royalty but are also good for your health. Rings like tiny toe rings also have health benefits on your body due to where they are worn.

From some of the jewelry pieces being part of various cultures to their use for beautification of the body, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces have also been designed with ancient acupressure techniques in mind. The medical significance of acupressure jewelry on our health is vast. They can be useful for everyday wear, between acupressure appointments.

When worn on a particular body part, acupressure jewelry stimulates the acupuncture points within that area indirectly. This activates blood circulation allowing free flow of blood and energy. In other cultures like the Indian and Chinese cultures, acupressure jewelry of a certain type or color is believed to cause chakra activation. For example, a ring worn on the ring finger is said to activate a blood vessel that connects to the heart. Toe rings can activate the female reproductive system and soothe period cramps. On the other hand, bracelets or bangles stimulate the wrist points and meridians energize the whole body. But, when wearing acupuncture jewelry, you need to ensure it stays on for them to be effective.

Acupressure earrings stuck into and around the ears aren’t just metallic accessories. Every meridian on the ear corresponds to a part in your body. When well placed at certain points around the ear with direct correlation to other body organs, earrings and other acupressure jewelry can help your body mend its ailments. Choose from a wide selection of acupressure jewelry with therapeutic benefits. 

Acupuncture and the wearing of acupressure jewelry is highly effective if you want to look good and at the same time treat ailments. It’s also safe since it promotes the body to heal itself leaving you feeling relaxed.  

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