Take your room from meh to a place where you can live. Having an acceptable male living space is an important part of any man’s lifestyle. Your space can change from boring to amazing in a few simple steps. Not every male living space needs to be a sketchy bachelor pad or sports-themed man cave. Pinterest has many inspiring examples of how to create minimalist and modern space.


The good news about bedrooms is that mattresses can now be delivered. Purple is an online-only mattress retailer that provides a cheap way for you to sleep better. Grab all your bedding at purple.com, including pillows, sheets, mattresses, and a mattress protector. A shop like Urban Outfitters has a great selection of accessories to round out your bedroom space. Framed vinyl records, boho rugs, and unique storage containers can all be purchased online at urbanoutfitters.com for your male living space bedroom.

Male Living Space Bedroom

Living Room

You can with a variety of design choices with your living room. You can follow a traditional route, and grab all the necessary goods online at Wayfair.com. Perhaps you want to work with a more unique living room. Mid century modern furniture is always popular, and never goes out of style. If you have a decent budget, you could look at adding the Eames Lounge Chair and Florence Loveseat from EternityModern.com to your living room area. IKEA is always a reliable and cheaper alternative for any household purchase. The Swedish design brand has you covered from sneaker storage to sofas and couches. Check out a world of inspiration for your home at ikea.com.

Male Living Space Living Room


If you need a cheap desk for your male living space, then a retailer like Staples.com should do the trick. A modern and stylish desk can be ordered from AllModern.com. Comfort is key if you are going to spend long hours working at your desk. Anyone that has a home office or studies frequently at their desk, should have a high quality ergonomic office chair. Omega Chair provides the best chair option on the market. Cruise over to OmegaChair.com for more information. Every desk is not complete until you add a desk lamp. Take a look at CasaLomo.com for all your lighting needs. Now put your head down and get work at your new desk.

Male Living Space Desk

Male Living Space Conclusion

Improving your living space will improve your life. Put in the time and effort to upgrade your desk, bedroom, or living room. You will spend the most time in these three areas of your home, so make sure they are liveable. After a couple changes you will hopefully notice an increase in productivity along with an improvement in your mood. Be proud of your male living space, it is your home after all.

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