‘Where’d You Get Those’ by Bobbito Garcia is the definitive book in sneaker culture. The book is finally being reissued for its 10th anniversary. Bobbito covers the beginnings of sneaker culture in NYC from 1960 to 1987. ‘Where’d You Get Those’ is a must-read for any sneakerhead or sneaker collector. Bobbito does a great job at really capturing what sneaker collecting was like back in the day. Learn where the foundation was created for the fanatic sneaker collectors of today. Carnegie Mellon University uses this book as the mandatory textbook for their Sneakerology 101 course. ‘Where’d You Get Those’ is set for release on December 31st and is available online at for pre-order.

Bobbito Garcia is well-known as sneaker connoisseur, streetball historian, and DJ. His documentary about pick-up basketball, Doin’ It In the Park, comes highly recommended from Crisp Culture. Learn more at:

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