Woman by Common Projects is the latest footwear obsession – a collection returning to its female following.

Founded by Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami in 2004, the designs are a perfect match of high quality and hand-stitched Italian manufacturing.

The New York line of footwear is inspired by a mix of neutral hues and minimalistic silhouettes. Known for their clean lined looks, each is individually finished with a unique gold numeric stamp at the heel, displaying the style code, size and colour number.

The original unisex collection has expanded to a line of desirable sneakers, devoted to the flexible and modern lifestyle of the Common Projects woman. Showcasing more essentials, the collection includes the Nappa Slip-On, Original Achilles and B Ball in an array of metallic and natural tones, with the Achilles Premium featuring in a must-have tonal Blush colourway.

Woman by Common Projects is the latest investment sneaker for every woman. Look for Woman by Common Projects online now at EndClothing.com.